Jamaica is the Mecca of reggae music. Muslims are encouraged to visit the holy city of Mecca at least once in their lifetime. Here at Reggaetourist, we encourage every self respecting reggae fan to visit Jamaica at least once in his or her lifetime. Once you have done that, you’ll need no more encouraging.

Reggaetourist.com is an information platform for reggae and dancehall fans worldwide who want to travel to Jamaica for a reggae holiday. Our main focus is to provide information on reggae events and to help you plan your reggae holiday. Based on our experience, we give you the lowdown on how to enjoy Reggae Jamaica to the fullest: its wonderful people, its exhilarating parties and stage shows, its finger licking good food, and its amazing places to visit. Reggaetourist wants to prepare you to travel round the island in full freedom, surrounded by reggae music.