First a quick recap of Ninja Man Birth Day bash yesterday. Word on the street this morning was that at around 3.30 a.m. there was a good crowd inside Turtle River Park so it was time for Star Time. I heard that Beenie and Gully Bop gwaan good and that Romain Virgo was there but also that lots of artists on the flyer didnt’ make it to the show. And that the show ended at about 4.30 a.m.

We took it easy today and did some more reading. In the evening, we met up with my brother in law and his wife and kids who are also on holiday in Jamaica. At 10.30 p.m. we were still good awake so we decided to go to Priory Beach for the weekly Sunday Dancehall Party. Priory is just a route taxi ride away from Ochie. Taxis gather at the gas station by the Clock Tower on Main Street. The fare was JMD 200 each to go up and 300 each when we flagged down a taxi at 2 a.m. to go back home.

Going to the party, the taxi ride seemed to take for hours but my wife reminded me that’s because you see your life flying by before your eyes about 10 times on a 15 minute ride. Driving at 120 km/h on a completely dark and winding pothoaled road with a car that has seen its best days years ago, well, we just never get used to it. Our three Jamaican fellow travellers however, hardly seem to take notice of the driver and just kick back an relax.

On Priory beach two towers of speakers are lined up on the beach by a circular bar with a roof. Good thing that, because the weather is still in the hold of the US winter storms. It’s way too cold (I’m actually wearing a jacket) and it drizzles now and then. Probably the reason why not too many people showed up. But the vibes are nice. Clean and crisp Dancehall music booming trough the speakers, the beach on the background. Glad we came. Have a look at the pictures to get a feel of where we were yesterday night.