We can't stay away for the Level up event at culture yard Nanook so we go there for a third and last time. The topic of the reasoning session tonight is social justice and guest speaker is professor Donna Hope. There are considerably less people tonight than there were for the previous sessions. So it go. Professor Hope argues that equality and equity are not the same and that equality doesn't mean a level playing field when some people are born with natural characteristics and talents that give them an advantage in the race of life. 

Next up is Loraine Asher Grant with the concrete case of Vinyl Thursdays. Loraine explaines how Vinyl Thursdays originated in Papine, and that they would just keep a session without any problems. When the sessions started to attract a bigger crowd they moved to the Veggie Meals on Wheels venue at Regel Plaza. Police came to lock down the music so the promotors realized they would be needing permits in the future. They contacted the authorities and tried to find out which permits to apply for. Loraine calls the police lockdown of last Vinyl Thursday session just before midnight 'an embarrassment'. There was a solid permit for the session but somehow this information was not passed on to the police force present. I can only say that from an outside perspective it seems implausible that events that attract substantial amounts of tourists to the city would not be endorsed by that city. 

Over to the music. Guest selectors for the night are True Lion Sound from Spain. Feature artist tonight is Kazam Davis with an accoustic set: a classical guitar, two drums.

I remember Davis' song Ancient Warrior from the sessions last year (check the video on youtube). Kazam performs an intimate but impressive set and moves the audience. I had to record one song to share those vibes. Check it out, it's amazing.