What the weekly events Dub Shool, Dub Club, Inner City Dub, Level up!, Dubwize and Vinyl Thursdays have in common is that they are all heartical roots and/or dub events where you will not hear the latest dancehall hits in the selection. What differentiates Vinyl Thursdays is the fact that only vinyl records are played, no cd or mp3. Vinyl Thursday is now an official Reggae Month event but it's an all year round Thursday event.

When we arrived at 8pm some 60 people were enjoying themselves at the Veggie Meals on Wheels venue. In a previous blogpost I talked about the great food on offering here. The venue is a nice setup with more tables and chairs than you usually see at a Kingston party. Don't expect a booming loud party with horns blaring. This is a friendly gathering of people having discussions while the music is playing. There is a lot of interaction at the tables where a mix of locals and tourists are getting to know each other. As the evening proceeds the music gradually gets louder and by midnight you're looking at a fully fledged roots reggae party.

The vinyl selection is sublime. I'm a reggae fan, I do not claim to be a reggae connaisseur, but where on a next party I would say I would be familiar with 80% of the music played, here it would be 50%. There is a lot of excitement behind the DJ booth, with MCs and DJs and singers taking turns on the mic. The energy is contagious.

Vinyl Thursdays starts at 6 pm which makes it the perfect early evening event. Plus you don't have to dine out elsewhere, everything you need is available. There is a vendor on site with drinks, the Veggie Meals on Wheels kitchen is in full effect, and we even spotted Benji with his delicious veggy patties (the ackee patty is surely our favorite).