We've been back home in Antwerp for over a week now. The jetlag is wearing off, I've managed to fend off a mild depression that hit me when I felt that first cold again and I'm back to work. How's that for a change?

Looking back at my travel blog, it seems we've been to at some 21 events in 5 weeks. We've taken time out to see our friends, we've done some reading and we enjoyed lazing and resting poolside between events. I'd call it a balanced Reggae Holiday. 

We left Kingston on Tuesday February 23 and took the Knutsford Express to Mobay (JMD 2700 per person, a 4 hour drive). Checked in at Hotel Gloriana and went straight to the 'strip' (Gloucester Avenue) where we met up with a friend. The next morning we took a taxi to the airport and that's most of it.

Although this is the end of our 2016 Travel Blog, we'll keep on posting blogposts and news articles related to Reggae Tourism. We'll keep updating our site, adding annual reggae events and travel tips on our Reggae Tourism 101 section. I've also just added an events calender with parties and events. I invite each and every one to stay connected. Check out the site, find us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know if there's anything we can help u with. But most importantly: experience Reggae in Jamaica. It's awesome. 


David King