Bounty Sundays

Bounty Sundays is a weekly dance hosted by dancehall living legend Bounty Killer. It’s officially called Hennessy Bounty Sundays and its and inside event at the blue painted Club Lime Light in the Half Way Tree area. Expect a younger crowd and a lot of synchronous group dancing. This is the place where many of the popular dances such as nuh linga or skip to my lu are performed in group, under the video light. 



Every Sunday. Come out late and make Bounty Sundays your second party of the night.



Place to be is Club Lime Light at the Half Way Tree Entertainment Complex on Hagley Park Road



Admission is JMD 500

Check out Bounty Sunday’s Facebook page for clips of some of those crazy Jamaican dances

Check Lime Light’s Facebook page to get a feel of what the club is like