Jamaica is more than sun, beaches and all-inclusives

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Although it is mostly promoted as an all-inclusive resort destination, Jamaica is also the Mecca of reggae music and every  self respecting reggae fan should visit it at least once in his or her lifetime. That’s why we promote reggae tourism, not resort tourism. Sure, there’s Negril and Mobay and Ochie, but there’s also the rest of the island and then there’s Kingston, pure reggae heaven. You’re very welcome to explore our website. It is our mission to provide reggae fans worldwide with relevant information so you can plan your reggae holiday. Reggaetourist.com is a about reggae events in Jamaica but it’s also  about backpacker-style traveling in the island in the sun, full of practical information and essential tips on how to get around and fulljoy your journey.


 Reggae Tourism 101                           

Call it our ‘reggae tourism for dummies’ section, this is your starting point for everything you need to know about traveling in Jamaica in search of reggae vibes. 

Plan your reggae holiday

Find out about the essential ingredients that make up a reggae holiday and plan your holiday around some of the annual reggae events, adding a dash of beach party, country dance, club event or weekly Kingston party.

Annual Reggae Events

An in depth look at Jamaica’s annual reggae parties, family fun days, food and music festivals and stage shows. Find out what to expect, how to prepare and how to get there.



Our events calendar section for events in the not so distant future. Especially useful once you reach, have a look if we list any events in your neighborhood. Not even pretending to be anywhere near complete, we do our best though. Jamaica parties from 12 to 12, all over the island, remember?


Not getting anywhere near the touristic exposure it deserves, Jamaica’s capital definitely deserves its own section. As a matter of fact, we strongly advise any reggae tourist to pass through Kingston on every reggae holiday. It might be best to leave Kingston for the end of your journey though, or you might end up not visiting all those other places you planned to go.


We’re avid readers of Jamaica’s newspapers and other Jamaican media, and we’ll share and discuss any news on the linkages between reggae and tourism. We also discuss our reggae holiday experiences, and regularly focus on issues such as ‘how to survive a reggae stage show’, ‘logical ways to travel the island’, ‘catching the vibes’, ‘interacting with Jamaican people’, ‘sensible and not no sensible ways to behave’, and so on.