Kingston Dub Club is the weekly high point of roots reggae revival sessions in Kingston.  The venue is situated in the hills above Kingston and offers a breath taking view of the city. It is actually the home of its host, Gabre Selassie, owner and operator of Rockers Sound Station. It has an intimate yard where the wall of speakers and the DJ booth is situated and it has a spacious deck bar in the back. 

In the DJ booth you will find Gabre Selassie playing 100% Roots / Rockers / Reggae & Dub from the Highest Regions, as the music is described on the Kingston Dub Club posters and Facebook page. Gabre regularly invites international guest selectors and artists. Even if they are not performing, there’s a good chance you will see some of your favorite reggae artists holding a vibes in a corner. The crowd is diverse and international. Here’s where you can meet up with visiting reggae fans from around the world. To actually talk with someone, you’d have to go to deck where you can still hear the music but can also engage in conversation. But there is of course no need to do this because you can just relax and enjoy the mesmirizing dub music.


Each and every sunday from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m.



Jack's Hill, 7B Skyline Drive. That's a 15 minute drive from Kingston on a steep, dark, potholed and winding road up the mountain.


Watch this interesting Dubspot video in which Gabre Selassie talks about Kingston Dub Club and the rising Roots movement in Kingston.


The ride to Dub Club along the dark and steep potholed roads is something of an experience by itself. You stop in the middle of nowhere where you see the sidewalks lined with cars and hear the music pounding. Still dark, you find your way to a winding rocky path descending towards the yard where the speakers are pounding and the party has begun. 

If you don't have your own car, getting to Dub Club requires some effort since there is no public transportation going to its location in the hills above Kingston. An hour long walk up a very steep hill from Papine Square or a pricey cab fare are the only options if you can't catch a ride with a friend. A taxi to go up Jack’s Hill from Kingston town will charge you JMD 1500 at least. Going back to the city at 2 a.m. will probably cost you a bit more. 

Consider bringing a jacket as it can get somewhat chilly up in the mountains.

Dub Club is a free session so no admission

There is food available. 

Read Marcus Bird's great article on The Wondrous World of Kingston Dub Club. The article's also got some nice pictures that give a good impression of the venue. Thanks Marcus for letting me use some of those pictures here!

Read this impressive article called Dubbing is a Must on the Reggae Revival movement and Kingston Dub Club by music journalist and reggae historian David Katz.

Dub Club's weekly sessions are streamed and recorded on this UStream channel.

Check out Dub Club's Facebook page for info on upcoming events and guest artists or selectors.