Kingston Music Week is a series of events and reggae shows at different locations in and around Kingston. One week crammed full of live music just a taxi ride away. That is, if you happen to be in Kingston the first week of december. Imagine seeing more than 50 of your favourite reggae artists in just one week.

Kingston Music week is an initiative of RJR Communications Group, the media organisation that owns TVJamaica, RE TV, Fame 95 fm and Hitz fm. It is a celebration of live music across the Kingston Metropolitan Area. It was first launched in 2013 to 'to showcase different genres of music to a hungry public that has long been underfed with live music'. Here at Reggaetourist, we find this statement a bit exaggerated, because whenever we go to Kingston we see live Reggae music about every night, but hey, we're not complaining. Kingston Music Week does indeed cater to different musical genres, but the bulk of it is Reggae. There is a range of performances at different venues and some have free entry.  



Ever since its launch in 2013, Kingston Music week is held between December 1 and December 7. 



Yes, you guessed it: at different venues in Jamaica's exhilarating capital city of Kingston. Most important thing is to be in Kingston during the first week of december. The venues are all just a taxi ride away. 



Here are some of the artists you could have seen performing throughout Kingston during Kingston Music Week 2015: Petro Metro, Ken Booth, Plyers, Tifa, Richie Spive, Roots Uprising, Ernie Smith, Jesse Royal, Morgan Heritage, Ibah Mahr, Kabaka Pyramid and Raging Fyah. 



Read the Jamaica Observer's announcement of last year's edition and get more insight into the different kinds of events in and around Kingston.