Annie Daley wrote this great '25 reasons to go to Jamaica' article you should read

Annie Daley from the website BUZZFEED is just Jamaica crazy and she wrote this amazing article called '25 reasons why a trip to Jamaica will make you a happier person'. 

I listed the 25 reasons below but you should really read the article here .


The 25 reasons

1. The beaches are seriously beautiful

2. And you can eat and drink all the deliciousness you want on beaches

3. There are also beautiful, beautiful mountains

4. And you can stay in them [Places available to stay on the mountains]

5. And even hike to the top of them for sunrise

6. Blue Mountain coffee is seriously amazing

7. There’s happy music playing everywhere

8. And thanks to this music, there’s a powerful; feeling of consciousness that will seep into your soul

9. You can visit the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston

10. And even play around in the fields where Marley grew up

11-12. You can wake up to beautiful views

13. There are beautiful tropical flowers everywhere you turn.

14. And bars, too. So many bars

15. Speaking of drinks, Red Stripe tastes good at any time of day — morning, noon, and night

16. As does Rum & Ting

17. You can smoke pretty much whenever and wherever you want

18. There are tons of random secret parks and forest patches just waiting to be discovered

19. The jerk situation is ON POINT

20. And the rest of the local food is damn good, too

21. There are even a bunch of organic farms you can visit

22. The Blue Lagoon is a thing that exists

23. There are tons of cute little cottages and Airbnbs

24. The sunsets are just magical

25. But perhaps most of all, Jamaica is the best place to slow down for a second, breathe deep, and just smile. Because ‘everyting really is irie, mon … just the way it should be’.