In Focus: Sandz the ultimate beach party

Sandz the ultimate beach chill

Reggaetourist just loves partying during the day. Why should you only go out at midnight and return home at 7 in the morning when you can start partying from noon? Well, on Easter Sunday you don't have to if you're anywhere near Hellshire, which is not too far from Kingston. 

Sandz is a day event from 12 to 6 pm. It's a beach party held at Sugerman's beach, a party beach where the infamous Chugit parties are also held once in while. Expect beautiful people in beach wear, lot's of booze and dancehall music. Music will be served by Illusion Sound and Xfactor sound and by DJ Escobar, known for his witty song intros, punchlines and high energy crowd reaction to his selections. 

Tickets are JMD 1500 or JMD 3000 (all inclusive food and drinks). Check out the cabanas for rent in the flyer below for those who really want to floss