In Focus: Chronixx live @ Rastafari Indigenous Village

Illah Iway is a monthly event hosted by the Rastafari Indigenous Village with the aim of giving visitors the experience of 'a day in a rasta village'. Well it sure looks like a great day to me!


The upcoming Ilah Iway event is Sunday April 10. It's an all day event from early morning to early evening. There are bus services from Kingston. Check all the info on the flyers. 


All activities are clearly posted on the flyer: film screenings, art exhibitions, reasoning, cooking, yoga, a river trod and of course a live concert of Chronixx. 


The Rastafari Indeginous Village is to be found in Montego Bay River Gardens, Porto Bello. Check the directions section on the flyer on how to reach there from Mobay proper. There's also a shuttle service from Kingston available leaving early in the morning.


Check out all the info on the flyers

Have a look at Rastafari Indigenous Village Facebook page or their official website.