Montego Bay Comes alive with Spring Break Music Festival BritJam. Have you never experienced Spring Break and you're not a student anymore? Come and party for an entire week with hundreds of American, Canadian and British Spring Breakers on Mobay's beaches and in Mobay's clubs and venues. Fun if it’s your cup of tea. Expect lots of drunk tourists, wicked beach parties, lots of Dancehall artists performing and also Hip-Hop vibes. 

BritJam is a full week of non-stop partying with lots ofofficial events, some during the daytime, some at night. One pass will get you access to all parties and events for the price of 230 US dollar.

There's live shows, cookouts, beach parties, boat parties and water parties. It's all out fun.


From March 8 to March 14. This year will be the 7th edition.



Performing at the different events are, amongst others: Ginuwine, I-Octane, Tifa, Tanto Blacks, Ding Dong, Bling Dawg

Check the official BritJam website for info on the different events and locations. 



Place to be is Montego Bay. The 8 official events are all at different locations. Some are along the Hip Strip (Gloucester Avenue) at Aquasol or Dump Up Beach. Other events are further from town in Rosehall or the Ironshore Golf Club. 



BritJam has an amazing website you should definitely visit before you visit! There's also info on package deals with accomodation.