February is reggae month in Jamaica. Reggae Month is a series of events and concerts, mostly in and around Kingston. You can attend lectures, view documentaries, discover upcoming talent, enjoy established talent, party on any of Kingston's weekly events, and go to reggae shows in Trench Town and downtown Kingston. 

The Jamaican government officially declared February as reggae month in 2008. February is also Black History Month and both Bob Marley and Dennis Brown are born in February. Reggae Month itself is organised by JaRIA, the Jamaican Recording Industry Organisation. 

Reggae month featured a series of recurring events

  • JaRIA Open University - a series of public discussions on all things reggae
  • JaRIA Live - a weekly series presenting local renown and upcoming talents
  • Reggae Wednesdays - a series of four live concerts charting the evolution of reggae
  • Vinyl thursdays - King Harar Sound with Exile the Brave and Little Briggy
  • Reggae Mixer - weekly friday after-work jams


A detailed program of reggae month activities should not be expected months beforehand. The only thing you need to know is that, if you can travel to Jamaica in february, you should do it. And you should head straight for Kingston. Reggae month really kicks off on Bob Marley's birthday, February 6. Place to be is the Bob Marley museum on Hope Road. Regarded by some as something of a tourist trap on most days of the year, the museum really comes alive that day with nyabingi drummers in the morning and live shows during day time. To give you an idea: Chronixx, Iba Mahr, and Kabaka Pyramid were some of the artists that performed this year. On the days following Bob's Bday, you can expect a stage show being held in Trench Town and a free stage show at the waterfront Downtown Kingston.

The JaRIA events are great, with well known reggae artists performing each wednesday and strictly vinyl selections on vinyl thursdays, a must-go-to event. All the Jaria events take place at the Ranny Williams entertainment center.

Do not forget you can also go the weekly Kingston Reggae Events, and you should. Do not miss out on Wednesdays Dubwize and Weddy Weddy or Sunday's Kingston Dub Club

There should also be a Dennis Brown memorial concert somewhere in february, and towards the end of the month you could head out to Belmont for the Peter Tosh memorial celebrations



The whole month of February. A Reggae Month calender will be put up on the JarIA facebook page.



Kingston is the place to be for Reggae Month.



All info on the official reggae month events is to be found on the JarIA facebook page. Don’t expect too much information before January.