Uptown Mondays is a long standing Kingston Street Dance at Savannah Plaza in the heart of the Half-Way Tree area. It's where you get to kickstart your week. This internationally renowed session has attracted thousands of Dancehall fans to uptown Kingston since 2002. Back then it used to be the only weekly thing and everyone called it the 'uptown' party. Think raw dancehall until 4 pm, local and international dancers and entertainers and a smart, well dressed audience. Mojito Mondays and Uptown Mondays make for a great combination and people generally go to Mojito Mondays first and to Uptown Mondays later on.


Every Monday. Come out late, after 11pm. Or go to Mojito Mondays first.


At Savannah Plaza, Constant Spring Road.


This is a strictly Dancehall session so you've got to be into that.

Check the Facebook page for pics and updates

There's a JMD 500 admission fee.