Vinyl Thursdays

Vinyl Thursdays is a weekly all-day reggae session hosted by Exile the Brave and his King Harar Sound. It is a strictly vinyl session with mostly old school reggae music. King Harar’s crew consists of excellent DJ’s, toasters and singers who work together to provide a magical vibe. 

Exile the Brave is an up and coming foundation reggae artist who is also a great DJ. Next up is Likkle Briggy, Brigadier Jerry’s son who follows in the footsteps of his father and is a great DJ with lots of swag. Also spinning records are DJ Marshmellow and Naoti Aoki. A crew of excellent reggae artists is part of the vinyl thursdays setup or passes by regularly. They are amongst others Infinite, Kazam Davis, Dexta Malwai and Addis Pablo. 

What makes Vinyl Thursdays so special is that it is basically a bunch of young people very much rooted in the 1970’s tradition of old school dances who are keeping the traditions alive. It is a refreshing alternative to the modern dancehall but it’s also a one of a kind event.

Artists like Kabaka Pyramid or U Brown regularly join King Harar Sound on stage and international guest selectors are regularly welcomed to play a set, if it’s vinyl that they play of course.  



Vinyl Thursdays is an all day session every thursday starting at 2 p.m. until about 11 p.m.



The venue is called Veggie Meals on Wheels and it’s near Cross Roads on Ripon Road, opposite Churches Cooperative Credit Union.


It’s a free event, so no admission. There is plenty of healthy food available at the venue.

You can watch past sessions and live streaming of ongoing sessions on Vinyl Thursdays UStream channel

Check out Vinyl Thursday’s Facebook page for info on upcoming sessions