weddy weddy

This long time running wednesday party is a must, certainly if you’re a dancehall fan. At the headquarters of the 'world immortal' sound system Stone Love, you could choose to start early and catch some of the early vibes with Welton Irie at the control. You'll be enjoying some of those unforgettable Stone Love dubplates you might know from mixtapes you've been listening to for years. At around midnight other members of the crew take over and you'll hear the classical selection move into dancehall. The local crowd arrives anywhere between 1 and 3 a.m.

There are always well known artists present and there is a good chance they perform their latest hit backed by Stone Love. Weddy Weddy has been a trend setting dancehall event for 11 years now and it is the place where many dancehall songs, dances and clothing styles have bussed.



Every wednesday from 10.00 pm untill the morning



At Stone Love H.Q. on Burlington Avenue 41. The venue is not far from Half Way Tree and there will be taxis waiting on wednesday evenings to take you there. 



Admission is JMD 500. There's plenty of food at the venue and right outside of the venue.

Check out Stone Love's Facebook page for postings on upcoming Weddy Weddy wednesdays.


Check out a typical Weddy Weddy session, this one is 5th August 2015